Director of Online Marketing


YDesign Group is looking for a serious PPC guru to run our online marketing team. We are a rapidly growing midsize e-commerce company in the modern design space with high average order values and a loyal customer base.  We are doing some very innovative things in online marketing and need someone who can make sure our online marketing programs, particularly text-based SEM and Product Listing Ads, stay a step ahead.  Consider yourself qualified if you:

Obviously, there is the standard account/campaign maintenance and blocking-and-tackling to be done; however, if this is the extent of your expertise you will sink here.  You’ll be expected to provide concise analysis to support new initiatives, keep meticulous records/scorecards, be hyper vigilant about performance all the while being innovative and aggressive.  You’ll be managing three different brands – YLighting, YLiving, and YBath – in very different stages of development so expect to be able to juggle multiple and differing strategies simultaneously. Also, we’ll expect that you are on the leading-edge of the online marketing space and can identify and test new opportunities.

YDesign Group continues to build the best team in our space. Although this is an easy going and fun place to work; we take some things very seriously and finding talented players is one of them.




 Location: Walnut Creek, CA

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